CrossFit Kids Gym Membership

Yorkville CrossFit Youth Empowerment Systems

We offer Youth Training to kids ages 6 and up!

We are the first and only gym in our area to provide a fitness program that is just for kids. We are proud to be a Brand X affiliate! The Brand X Method is the Gold Standard all over the world when it comes to training kids!

All classes are led by our highly qualified professional Coaches. Our trainers are Brand X credentialed Coaches, CrossFit L1/L2 Trainers, CrossFit Kids Trainers, background checked annually, AED/CPR certified and stay current on all continuing education.

We keep our classes small so think of it as Personal Training in a small group setting for kids. Your kids will be working on speed, agility, strength, balance, coordination, accuracy, flexibility, cardiovascular, stamina and endurance!

We also encourage healthy eating habits and sound nutrition for kids!

A big part of our program is encouraging good character, building a foundation of integrity, self-discipline, honesty, and mental fortitude through fitness. Our kids have fun, get healthier, stronger, faster, develop a love of movement and exercise and get stronger mentally!

We empower kids by building them up, giving them encouragement, teaching them how to be strong mentally and physically and putting an emphasis on what their bodies can do instead of what they look like. We build healthy kids!

Our pricing reflects our expertise and the experience your child will have in class, as well as our excellence in customer service.


Elementary (ages 6-11) $75/month* (3 days/week for 60 minutes)
High School (ages 12-17) $95/month* (5 days/week for 60 minutes per class)
*FOR AGES 8+ - this pricing includes CrossFit Kids AND Speed and Agility
*FOR AGES 12+ - this pricing includes CrossFit Kids, Speed and Agility AND
Teen Strength

We can get your team ready for action! We offer team sports training for all sports! We offer Strength, Speed and Agility, Strength/Conditioning and CrossFit.
Please contact Coach J at 630-742-3675 to schedule your team!
$9/child/class - 8 classes or 12 classes available (60 minute classes)
Minimum: 10 kids per team

Multi child discount: 10% off 2nd child as long as both memberships are active. For more than two kids, please see Coach J for a family discount.

For 18+ please check out our adults program at Yorkville CrossFit!

Yorkville CrossFit Youth is now in Unit C in our same building, just down two doors!! See the full address below.

As we transition into the new building, I wanted to share with you some small changes we have made to make your experience and your childs experience better!

- One lower monthly price that includes ALL kids classes (per their ages).

- More class times!! We now have over 20 hours of class availability! Before we had just 5! We will be offering Spring Break and Summer Camps, as well as Winter Break hours! We have so much planned!

- Homeschoolers now have access to daytime classes as well as nighttime classes since we will have more space! Your child will now have the option to come to any class times that works for you depending on your week.

- Classes will be grouped by ages. This is to ensure that kids are challenged according to their development.

- We are now offering preschool (NEW!!), elementary and high school ages.

- We have added a Teen Strength class!!!

- We now have turf for our Speed and Agility classes!!! This is really beneficial for sports training!

- As you will see on the price sheet, we have moved away from punch cards. As our program has grown so much and we think you will find the pricing more than fair as it cuts your cost/class significantly compared to the punch cards.

- Kids will sign up for classes each week using the Class Sign up on our website ( We do this so that Coaches can see who is all coming and know their class size to be better prepared and create a class plan ahead of time. Classes will “close” one hour before class times so you will have up until 1 hour to add/remove your child from class. If you miss the cut off time, you can text Coach J or Coach Bri to let them know your child would like to attend.

- For an added measure of safety, we are now requiring that you sign your child in/out of classes. So you will need to come in to do that. Once you sign them in, you do not have to stay, but you are welcome to wait in our waiting room if you’d like.

We are so excited to offer kids this unique experience in Yorkville!

210 A Commercial Drive
Yorkville Il

*prices are subject to change with 30 days notice
*class time are subject to change
210 Commercial Dr, Unit A
Yorkville, IL 60560 (view larger map)