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CrossFit Kids
Our CrossFit Kids classes emphasize good movement throughout childhood and adolescents. Studies show that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function which means that regular exercise can positively impact a child’s academic achievement.

Pricing for CrossFit Kids classes (ages 8-15)
3 days/week (MWF)
Class Time: 5:30pm (45 minutes)
$99 for 10 punches

CrossFit Kids is programmed for FUN! Broad, inclusive and general fun! Your kids will WANT to attend! We teach them to love being active! We talk about creating healthy habits, we talk about why its important to be active and we talk about nutrition. Our hope is to instill a love of fitness that will endure into adulthood.

We have added a class exclusively for kids who are homeschooling or in an alternative school! Did you know that getting physical activity first thing in the morning increases kids ability to learn and retain information? Physical activity is also great to boost our immune systems! Get your homeschoolers enrolled now! Just click the 'Contact Us' button in the top right corner of this page! Please let us know in the notes that you are homeschooling! :)

Class sizes are limited so reserve your spot now!

Mondays and Thursdays
9:30am - Ages 7* - 12
10:15am - Ages 13+

*minimum age requirement is 7 years old


Is lifting weights safe for children?

Yes. When properly supervised it is safe and good for them. Studies show that lifting weights has no negative effect on kids. However, children’s bodies don’t grow from lifting weights the way adults bodies do either. Therefore, in general, with our younger athletes, we prefer to stick to getting their form and movement perfected before adding weight.

But we do more than just lifting weights! We work on cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, speed, strength, agility, stamina, power, balance, accuracy and coordination! We perform bodyweight exercises balanced with sandbags, jumping rope, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbells and barbells as is appropriate for each child's fitness level. Kids learn so much more than just fitness! They also learn about mental toughness and inner strength! Your kids will love this program and so will you!

You do the math and we will do the fitness!

Speed and Agility classes are for kids who want to improve for their sport! Kids will work on drills, skills and speed as well as having a healthy mind set! This is a fun, fast paced class designed to help your child excel at their sport! This is small group training so kids get a lot of help and attention.

Pricing for Speed and Agility
2x per week
$199 for 8 punches
1 hour long classes at 7:30pm

- Get your child prepared for their sport!
- FUN! We make it fun so they WANT to come!
- motivating, positive atmosphere
- physical fitness beyond what any gym class can accomplish
- mental fortitude…strong bodies, strong minds

We can get your team ready for action! We offer team sports training for all sports! Please contact Coach J at 630-742-3675 to schedule your team!

Team Pricing
8 classes or 12 classes available
1 hour each class
Minimum: 10 kids per team

210 A Commercial Drive
Yorkville Il

*see coach for details
210 Commercial Dr, Unit A
Yorkville, IL 60560 (view larger map)