Are you overwhelmed and confused about which diet is the best? Tired of trying the latest fad diet only to find yourself more confused and frustrated about what to eat?
Should you eat breakfast? What about keto??? Can you eat sugar or will you suddenly turn to the crack pipe??? OMG did you get enough fiber yesterday??
There is SO MUCH confusion about food these days! And so much drama over food!
Hi! I'm Coach J, a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach and I would love to help!

Let's take confusion out of what you should eat. You can lose body fat, gain muscle or fuel for performance goals!

Lets stop the madness and focus on REAL food, food that YOU like, in the right amounts for YOUR body, based on YOUR goals! You can count macro's/calories or not...that choice is yours and I will support your choice!

I offer real accountability! You won't be alone in this because I'll be checking in with you every week!

BONUS: When you buy 3 months of Nutrition Guidance, you get one FREE Fit 3D Body Scan to kick off your journey!

Contact me today!! 630-742-3675
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